Hi all and welcome to KRBussman.com, your home improvement information headquarters.

My name is Kevin Ryan Bussman, and I have been in the home construction field for over 35 years.  I’ve seen just about everything there is to see in the construction field and will use my first hand experience to the best of my ability to guild you through the pit falls you maybe encountering.

I started out in the construction field at the age of 14, as a stock boy for a local hardware/lumber store.  Surly not like it is today, with the big box home improvement stores like Home depots, and Lowe’s that we all know and use now a day’s.  Pete’s hardware store was just 1500 square foot store front, with a barn like storage building behind the main store, where the lumber was housed and a small pebble driveway that took paying customers to the back of the building where they could load there materials.  Pete took a shine to me early on, seeing that I was a hard worker and always eager to learn.  He showed me as much as he could during my 2 1/2 years there, but it really wasn’t what I was destine for, I had my eye on working out in the field where the customers that bought Pete’s lumber worked.  I got my first shot at what I considered a real construction job from a man named Steve Coloigan, of Coloigan Builders.  I was to be an apprentice, and had grandiose dreams of building everything from houses to skyscrapers…..Boy-o-Boy was I mistaken.  My new name was step and fetch it, and when I wasn’t doing that, I had either a shovel in my hands, digging footings, or a broom, sweeping up….Surly not what I expected.  This was the first, of many places I worked.  But in time I started to learn, and save my hard earned dollars, in the hopes of amassing a great arsenal of tools of my chosen trade. (everything but a shovel, or a broom)